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Dear Parent,

Welcome to the world of books. Books can cater to the needs of your child’s fast moving world of fairy tales.

“Once you learn to read you will be forever free”

Books are the backbone of knowledge; they uplift, inspire, entertain and edify and above all they take you into the world of possibilities, but surprisingly many children now a day’s find reading a burden rather than a pleasure. But there are two very strong reasons for them to go ahead in developing the habit of reading.

Firstly there isn’t any vacuum in terms of availability of the right kind of books for every age group.

Secondly books like “Diary of a Wimpy kid”, “Harry Potter” and Fudge series (easily available on Kindle ) brought revolution in the field of reading and also proved that it is not the reading habit that has declined but the authors have properly understood the taste of the fast growing and highly exposed generation.

“A room without a book is like a body without a soul”

So I thought to pen down few sure shot ideas that is a true reflection of child’s mindset and aspiration; and be successful in inculcating the reading habit in every child.

Please do create a personal library for children and should take care of the following points to bring out the best in children:

1. Books should be colourful with lots of pictures which actually speaks the entire story.

2. The font should be big enough to be read and easily understood.

3. Language should be simple.

4. The content of the story should be clear to the child.

5. Message of the story should be meaningful.

6. A story must develop the inquisitiveness in the reader to read more and more.

7. The characters of the story should be ideal which a reader wishes to imbibe in his/her life.

8. Selection of a book should be age appropriate.

9. To inculcate the reading habit; adults are expected to be a live example.

10. Please be Eveready to help kids to explain the content and encourage them to use the dictionary.

11. Create a child’s library at home.

12. Generate awareness about the variety/quality content of a book.

13. You should ignite the interest of the child and then give a pause when the inquisitiveness is being mounted.

14. Provide them the new material to read.

15. Reward the child when they show interest in reading.

“I don’t go by the rule book, I read from the Heart not the Head.”

I hope all the children will develop into great individuals in the 21st century.

Like you fuel your vehicle with petrol; please fuel your heart and mind with good content therefore Read a book….

Now is the time for you to cultivate your mind through reading that will decide everything. There is no limit to how far your potential will reach if your mind is cultivated and well nourished.

No matter how much we read it can never be enough and moreover there is no Friend as loyal as a book. You can completely depend on it.



HM at Primary Level, The Manthan School, Noida. Enriching our children’s life with positivity, one parenting blog at a time. “Raise with Praise ❤️…”

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Chhavi Swarup

HM at Primary Level, The Manthan School, Noida. Enriching our children’s life with positivity, one parenting blog at a time. “Raise with Praise ❤️…”